About us

Terra Metallis Recyclers Private Limited (TMRPL) was incorporated in the year 2014 by technocrats with over three decades experience in melting and rolling of Aluminium. The Company was incorporated to cater to a niche requirement  to make Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap more economically attractive to the fast growing economies of the world. Thereby reducing the requirement to mine for more ores and consequently stop degrading the environment.

Scrap generated in the advanced economies that most likely end up in landfills can be made economically attractive to the end users in the growing economies. The growing need for products in these  economies can benefit from recycling of scrap whereby products can be manufactured with much lesser energy (Fossil Fuel/Renewable Energy) compared to manufacturing of the products from mined ores. The energy saved can be used for poverty alleviation and /or keeping the cost of energy within reach of people who are below the poverty line.


Recycle scrap using efficient and advanced technologies that does not harm the environment and also provide services whereby scrap becomes an economically viable alternative to primary metal in manufacture of products.

TMRPL has identified Asia as the focal area to provide services by acting as an intermediary between sellers of scrap worldwide and buyers of scrap in Asia. The Company also intends to recycle non-ferrous scrap to manufacture products used in Automotive, Construction and Electrical industries.